How to Convert VOC Files from RCA Recorder

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RCA Digital recorders conveniently connect to your computer through USB and and the recordings you have made can be pulled up on your computer.

Unfortunately RCA chose to use a proprietary file format called VOC to save your recordings. This VOC is not to be confused with VOC files from creative labs software. Although they share the same three letter extension, the VOC files from your RCA digital voice recorder will not play with ordinary VOC players. On top of that they will not play in Windows Media Player, ITunes, Quicktime, or any other media software you probably already have.

Fortunately there are online resources that quickly and easily convert RCA VOC files into mp3s which can be emailed, burned on a CD, or listened to with common media player software. Google RCA VOC to MP3 and you should find what you need to accomplish this task.

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